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Ulcer Disease / GI
Mark Earl, MD, FACS - Acid-reducing Surgery in the Modern Era
Matthew Kutcher, MD, FACS - Management of Acute Ulcer Bleeding
Synoptic Reporting / Cancer Update
Kristi Broman, MD, FACS - Update on Commission on Cancer Synoptic Reporting
Juli Enos, MD, FACS - Management of Acute Perforation
Soft Tissue Tumors
Jennifer Barr, MD - Management of Trunk & Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcomas
Ashley Holder, MD, FACS - Initial Evaluation of Soft Tissue Tumors
Minimally Invasive / Robot vs. Laparoscopic
Kenneth Vick, MD, FACS - Laparoscopic Surgery
Colon Emergencies
Kelly Brister, MD - Management of Colonic Volvulus and Acute Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction
Maddox Casey, CPA - Physician Finances in 2022
Resident Presentation
Maddox Casey, CPA - Financial Considerations